Partner News

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” – Thomas A. Edison 

I have been traveling this week meeting with Partners and Customers. I was particularly excited about my meeting with Aprimo and IBM. As part of the 2017 strategic planning, I am narrowing our solution and partner focus so we can provide a high level of service and quality to our customers and more robust training to our staff. 
Aprimo has just been purchased from Teradata and the new company has the traditional MRM and campaign tools we’re all familiar with, however, they’ve added a product called Revenue which is a tool for channel management and campaign execution. This tool will be particularly useful in B to B to C scenarios, such as with financial advisor relationships or car manufactures with their car dealerships. Combined with our approach around the Content Hub this could be a powerful addition to our content strategy. We are in a good position to drive a productive and fruitful partnership in the coming years. 
Secondly, I was invited to attend the IBM Watson conference on cognitive computing. What a tremendous event, I was so impressed with the product suites and positing. An old friend of mine is running the IBM marketing cloud business, she introduced us to a number of influential product management leaders. Many of the tools in the Marketing cloud will fit nicely into our managed services offering, especially when we expand beyond ILM and ALM to include marketing production services. We are definitely ramping up our partnership with IBM. They have the right customers for us with the right level of access to help us more quickly achieve our top 25 account strategy.  
Let’s go be great, 

Tahzoo is SDL’s Partner of the Year!

Team Tahzoo, 

To our new Tahzooians (aka HintTech) – I send out an email – From the Desk of Brad Heidemann -every Friday as a recap of my week and what has been happening around the company. Not everything that is mentioned will make total sense to you just yet. But I wanted you to have this exposure sooner than later. Enjoy! 

It has been an exhausting but exhilarating week here in Europe! I am pleased to announce that Tahzoo won SDL Partner of the Year! It was announced at the SDL Alliance Summit in London on Tuesday. This is the second year in a row we have been honored with this prestigious award. We have shared the news via social media, but as always we could use your help spreading the word. We have drafted a few messages you can copy and paste to share with your networks:  

  • Thrilled to share that @Tahzoo was named 2015 Partner of the Year by @SDL at #sdlinnovate! Excited for the future of #tahzooworldwide 
  • Honored to be part of the @Tahzoo team. We received 2015 Partner of the Year Award from @SDL at #sdlinnovate #tahzooworldwide  
  • Great day here @Tahzoo! Honored by @SDL as 2015 Partner of the Year at #sdlinnovate. Excited for future of #tahzooworldwide  

I started the week in Amsterdam at the SDL Innovate event. I gave my keynote address with Egbert Hendrik joining me up on stage. It was marked by tremendous applause and excitement for our acquisition news. If you noticed, we could not stop the twitter feed on the announcement, even if we tried! Also in Amsterdam, John Kottcamp delivered a nice round table discussion with select attendees at our VIP lunch as well.  I then went to the Alliance Summit in London where we receive the Partner of the Year Award followed by the SDL Innovate event in London for more networking, meetings, and briefings. There Ian Truscott shared our thoughts on becoming a 20/20 brand by the year 2020 in our VIP lunch. Meanwhile, John Kottcamp joined Dereck Price from HintTech in Ghent, Belgium at the ADAMSync! Event.

Accountability For March

Team Tahzoo, 

This month’s theme is Accountability. It is most fitting for the last month of the quarter. And as we near the end of Q1 with only a few selling days left, I want us each to feel accountable for our results. By now everyone should have thought through what your 2015 goals are and what you are going to hold yourself accountable for. With a quarter of the year behind us, how are you doing? I think the end of each quarter is a great time for some self-reflection. What should you keep doing, stop doing, do more of to meet your personal, professional, and corporate goals? Are you holding yourself and others accountable? Some food for thought… 

With “accountability” on my mind – accountable to you for the direction and growth of the company – I have been in Europe most of the week having wonderful conversations with current and potential growth partners. I met with Mark Lancaster, CEO and Bernadette Nixon, President of SDL. We reinvigorated our partnership and commitments to each other’s success. I’m excited to see how this will fully unfold, but we should see some early commitments at their SDL Innovate event in Amsterdam next month including greater exposure for Tahzoo as their #1 partner. We should also see greater commitments to co-sell and win deals.  And as we look to re-energize the SDL partnership, it isn’t our only partner we are nurturing. We are also putting energy into e-Spirit, Hybris, ADAM Software, and Marketo. What this does is broaden our technical capabilities into other digital solutions such as digital asset management, marketing automation, e-commerce, and CRM to allow us to truly offer end-to-end digital CX solutions.