With the Super Bowl this weekend and with our 2018 plans, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about winning as a team. So much of our culture is based on the idea of personal achievement – ‘What’s in it for me? What’s my opportunity? How do I get rich and famous?’ and so forth. Ironically, much of what we appreciate is the group effort: The ensemble cast on our favorite show, our favorite sports team, or favorite band. Remember at the anniversary party when Dave shared the video of him winning his first Formula One race? While Dave was driving the car, it took an entire team of people to win that race.

We’re all about helping our clients provide a better customer experience. To do that, it takes a wide range of expertise and a diverse team working in harmony to deliver the results our clients expect from Tahzoo. Our new plan is designed to reward high functioning teams, not individuals. We either win together or we lose together. While some of you may worry about not having the control you want… (What happens if a particular group does a poor job on a project?’) As a member of the team, it’s your job and everyone’s job to support one another in the service of our clients. You don’t need a title or position of power to effect change or improve the performance of the team.

Leadership is about recognizing challenges and opportunities and then having the courage to effect change. Don’t be the person who sees it and says, ‘That’s someone else’s job’. Take a chance and make it better. I’ll assume most of you will watch the Super Bowl this weekend; remember those teams are playing this week because they had the teamwork, the talent, and the willingness to hold one another accountable. I want the same for Tahzoo – we all want to be part of a winning team.

Let’s go be great!

Brad Heidemann

Author: Brad Heidemann

As CEO, Brad Heidemann drives the strategic vision for Tahzoo and directs the overall planning and execution of the business. He has grown the company from a few employees and some great ideas to an agency that serves the Fortune 500, maintaining offices from Amsterdam to Seattle.