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Accountability For March

Team Tahzoo, 

This month’s theme is Accountability. It is most fitting for the last month of the quarter. And as we near the end of Q1 with only a few selling days left, I want us each to feel accountable for our results. By now everyone should have thought through what your 2015 goals are and what you are going to hold yourself accountable for. With a quarter of the year behind us, how are you doing? I think the end of each quarter is a great time for some self-reflection. What should you keep doing, stop doing, do more of to meet your personal, professional, and corporate goals? Are you holding yourself and others accountable? Some food for thought… 

With “accountability” on my mind – accountable to you for the direction and growth of the company – I have been in Europe most of the week having wonderful conversations with current and potential growth partners. I met with Mark Lancaster, CEO and Bernadette Nixon, President of SDL. We reinvigorated our partnership and commitments to each other’s success. I’m excited to see how this will fully unfold, but we should see some early commitments at their SDL Innovate event in Amsterdam next month including greater exposure for Tahzoo as their #1 partner. We should also see greater commitments to co-sell and win deals. And as we look to re-energize the SDL partnership, it isn’t our only partner we are nurturing. We are also putting energy into e-Spirit, Hybris, ADAM Software, and Marketo. What this does is broaden our technical capabilities into other digital solutions such as digital asset management, marketing automation, e-commerce, and CRM to allow us to truly offer end-to-end digital CX solutions.