Desk of Brad

Across the Country

I spent the week on the road and saw most of the country. David Sterenberg and I drove from Washington DC to Phoenix about 2000 miles in three days. We were on a southern route through Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, and then to Arizona. Needless to stay there were several BBQ stops. Our first night we stayed in Memphis TN, we ate at Central BBQ; it was serviceable, but not great BBQ. We were really hoping for something great in Tennessee – but alas, it’s hard to find good BBQ. In Texas, we had a great meal with some fellow Tahzooligans at Sammy’s BBQ… Great food and great company!!! On our last day, we ate at Stateline BBQ, famous for their beef ribs. I had eaten there 15 years ago and was happy to visit again. The ribs were great and we enjoyed the ambiance. At the Stateline, you park in Texas but eat in New Mexico… either way great food.

For those of you who don’t know, David was a professional race car driver. He drove for several teams including Porsche and Mazda. I’ll let him tell you his racing stories when you have a chance to visit with him. Needless to say, we pushed our car to the limits, especially through Texas and New Mexico, nothing quite like long straight desert roads to let the car fly. I won’t say exactly how fast we went, but it was faster than I’ve ever traveled before. In case you’re wondering… no speeding tickets of any kind. It was a fun trip.

I spent the day with a potential client today. It was our second meeting and I am excited about the possibilities of working with such an esteemed company. We’ve been invited back to present our thoughts and ideas for improving their customer experience. The company is hitting its stride with all the new opportunities in front of us. Our messaging, creative, and critical thinking around improving the customer experience is resonating with world-class brands.

Let’s go be great!