Desk of Brad


Adding Value

We are in the business of change. More specifically, we are agents of change. Change requires a reframing of someone’s perspective; and as leaders, we provide the guidance to help others achieve their goals.

I’ve been successful in sales because of my ability to diagnose business issues. Paired with my skills as a technical and digital strategist, I’ve been able to help many companies work through change. It has taken years of effort to develop my expertise in these areas. I share my white papers, presentations, and my blog with our clients and prospects.

Each person in our company needs an area of expertise, outside of their functional area. One of our values is, “We hire interesting people who are interested in change”. What do you write or blog about? What presentations have you shared with your customers or within the company? Everyone needs a body of published work to establish credibility. The example being if you have a Ph.D., you are automatically considered smart… even if the topic being discussed isn’t your area of expertise.

I need each of you to pick an area of expertise that is related to our business. Research it, learn about it, and occasionally write about it. I want everyone to contribute to the thought leadership of Tahzoo. I know we have smart and happy people. I know we have interesting people… but that’s not good enough; the rest of the world needs to know.

Jen and Chris are building out a calendar of content that will be regularly promoted to clients and prospects. It needs to be a blend of white papers, online articles, blog posts, and infographics. We need everyone’s help producing enough content and thought leadership.

The next step in this process is for each of you to share Tahzoo content with your customers. Promote our subject matter experts. As I discussed last week, identify who you would like to build relationships with, and add value by sending thoughtful commentary and content to them.

In addition to thought leadership, there are a number of ways to build great relationships. How about thoughtful hand-written notes? How about delivering a Tahzoo logoed sheet cake to the lunchroom for a contract award, final deliverable, or the launch of a site? Drop off Tahzoo t-shirts, pens, stress balls, and S’well bottles – they are also all thoughtful gifts. Candy wrapped with Tahzoo logos… the list could go on and on.

Most importantly – build relationships by adding value, exposing our clients to your thinking, and the thought leadership throughout the company. We have lots of interesting people who have great ideas. Let’s share our vision for the 21st century.

Let’s go be great,