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Agents of Change

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

– Winston Churchill

Hi Everyone,

I am looking forward to our State of Tahzoo meeting on February 14th, we will extend our normal “all hands” to an hour and half. I am looking forward to discussing the future and direction of Tahzoo with all of you. We will have a Q&A period at the end, so if there are specific topics or questions you’d like me to touch on, please send them to Harrison.
We launched our ContentStack marketing campaign this week and are now officially represented in their marketplace portal… check it out when you get a chance:

A big thank you to Bryan, Don, Kurt, Piti, Dave, Lexi, Abhi, Mansur, Faiz and everyone who participated in making this happen!

One thing I want to bring to everyone’s attention is our new “About Tahzoo” statement:
Tahzoo is a globally recognized digital transformation agency that simplifies the customer experience through strategic innovation, experience design and technology.
There is a lot packed into that statement. We have moved away from calling ourselves a customer experience agency for a variety of reasons. Primarily because our work is more about guiding our clients through a process of change management, namely Digital Transformation – ways that improve the customer experience and employee experience. We help our clients solve their internal challenges and we augment their teams to achieve business objectives.
We are living during a period of unprecedented change. Just look back on the last couple of years and how your own expectations have changed. We are thinking differently about how we balance our time, find meaning in our work, engage with brands, spend our money, and we expect technology to “just work”. There is a comedian named Ronny Chieng who does a funny skit on our cultural expectations around Amazon and ecommerce:
During periods of change, people, clients and companies look for vision and leadership. Tahzoo will provide our clients a path to success through these turbulent times. The most important thing is that we simplify the process of change for our clients. The methodologies, techniques, and lessons learned will play a central role in how we simplify complexity. As I’ve said to all of you, many times … we are Agents of Change, we provide our clients the energy, the confidence, and the expertise to realize their goals.

Let’s go be great!