Desk of Brad

Being Proud As A Company

Hi Everyone, 

What are you most proud of achieving in your career or life? Please take a moment to reflect on that feeling and how it improved your self-esteem. You worked hard, cared for your work, and overcame obstacles. According to Cambridge Dictionary, pride is defined as “a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get because you or people connected with you have done or got something good.” 

Are you proud of the work you’ve done recently? Are you proud of Tahzoo? If you’re looking for a way to measure success, I suggest that you ask yourself those questions when you look in the mirror. No matter what feedback you get from others, only you know if you’ve done your best. 

Tahzoo was founded on a core set of values created so that everyone who participates is given the opportunity to learn and excel. We provide a lot of freedom because we expect that based on the shared values and on the desire to learn and excel, everyone you work with, including you, is striving to do their best – to work hard, care for the quality of your work, and to overcome the obstacles to success, as an individual and as a team. 

The company is evolving. We have a renewed focus on our service offerings, our software business expansion, and better reporting accountability and metrics. None of this will make Tahzoo produce better results without a focused and concerted effort by each person to strive for excellence. You may be worn out and tired. It’s been an exhausting last year for each of us but push through the hard part. Caring for one another during difficult circumstances is what will make this company, and you, great. 

Easy excellence is a myth. Only hard work and determination will get you there. There are no short cuts to excellence. I am actively looking for and will be rewarding the difference makers. The people who strive for Great Customer Service, Perfect Quality Work, and Drive Profitability throughout 2021. Be one of those people, if not just for yourself, then for your colleagues and clients. While you will be rewarded financially in the moment, the experience you gain – the self-confidence and self-esteem will last you a lifetime. I want to be proud of you. 

If you see something that needs to be fixed, then say something. Tahzoo is your company too. If things aren’t up to our standards or people aren’t acting in a manner consistent with our values, and you don’t do something about it, you’re the one who’s given up on excellence. It’s going to require each of you to be committed and proud of your work and your colleagues. 

After 10 years of wins and losses, successes and failures, Tahzoo is in an incredibly enviable position. We have the opportunity to grow, to do great things, and to spread our values and influence. What does growth mean for you? An opportunity to learn, take on new challenges, and earn more money for your loved ones? It’s exciting. These windows of opportunity don’t happen very often. Let’s not squander this moment because we don’t have the commitment to excellence. Let’s be proud of who we are! 

Let’s go be great!