Introducing Tahzoo

Hi Everyone, I had to write an introductory letter to a prospective client/partner of Tahzoo this week. For today’s DOB, I thought I’d share this letter with you. It incorporates our value proposition, sets expectations for working with Tahzoo, and describes our mission-driven approach to improving the customer experience. I know people often ask me, […]

Quality Work

Hi Everyone, I’ve never faulted someone who gave their best effort. That’s not to say that I believe in participation trophies either. We are a premium firm and as such, our clients expect premium results and a premium work product. The quality of our work is what distinguishes us from the big consulting firms. Great […]

Moving Day

Hi Everyone,  This is the first of a two-part letter about Tahzoo and our plan forward. I see the next six months as a pivotal time for Tahzoo and for each of you. We have a lot of opportunity to grow and be profitable, however that is dependent on how well we execute. We are a team; everyone has a role to […]

The new Tahzoo

Hi Everyone,  We launched a new today… Yeah!!! Not a full site redesign – we made updates and changes to give our brand a new look and feel. Please visit the site this weekend and if you see something that needs attention, please pass your observations along to Eddie.  Coming out of COVID we have had some […]

Where We are Headed

Dear Tahzoo, I’ve spent much of the last year writing to you about change, I’d like to touch on where we are headed.   Every company evolves over time. We started out as an SDL Tridion Sites shop and grew from there into other aspects of the enterprise marketing platform. We have always “pitched” personalization […]

Q4 Wrap-Ups and MarketerCX

Hi Everyone,  It’s the end of another busy week at Tahzoo! We’re continuing to see momentum from our customers and prospects as Q4 wraps up, and it seems that many organizations are beginning to become ‘unstuck’ as they forge ahead into 2021. Perhaps it’s the hope for new vaccines becoming available, the clarity on the […]

The Revolution of the Way of Thinking

Hi Everyone,  All of us have grown up in a world where keywords have become the basis for search and advertising. It’s everywhere and embedded in everything we do. Doesn’t matter the device or the software platform, the paradigm is the same. You hit spotlight on your Mac or the search bar in Google and type in some keywords […]

Software is Magic

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”  – Henry Ford  Hi Everyone,  Well, we’re a few weeks into the shelter-in-place orders around the country. I know many of us are getting a bit stir crazy and absorbing all the challenges of working at home, I just want to say thank you. […]

The Next Big Idea

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is a painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”  – Mandy Hale  Hi Everyone,   When we started Tahzoo, our tag line was Tahzoo “Driven by big ideas”. It was a way for us to communicate our ambition and the impact we expected to have on behalf of our clients. Aspirational for sure […]