Desk of Brad

Climbing the Bumps

What are you proud of? 

All things being equal it’s been a year of challenges and triumphs. I’ve watched many of you grow over the last year, myself included. I read a book when I was a kid named “The bumps are what you climb on”. The premise being that challenging yourself and enduring challenging times in your life promote growth.  
Smart and Happy is infectious. I see it everywhere and the company and I are jealous for more of it. One of the great joys of my job is participating in and watching each of you grow and mature. I see the confidence-building individually and amongst the account teams. I didn’t want to miss the moment to reflect on our accomplishments one more time. I’ve listed out the things you were proud of in 2018 and 2019. I know some of you don’t like to speak up or need more time for consideration, however, I strongly encourage each of you to review this list and if you didn’t have a proudest moment on the list, I have one request.  
Take this Desk of Brad, drop it in a word document and add to it the one thing you were most proud of in the last year, whatever it is. Then add one goal for 2020, just one thing that if you accomplish, you will feel like you’ve checked a major box. Save it in a file and when we get ready for our totally rocking 2020 10th Anniversary Company meeting, I am going to ask you to reflect on both 2019 and 2020. There’s a lot of power in writing things to down, so invest in yourself and Tahzoo and spend a moment reflecting on the last year and the year to come. 

Let’s go be great!