Desk of Brad

Drive for June

Team Tahzoo, 

This month’s theme is DRIVE. For me, drive is very personal. I am constantly pushing myself to learn more, do more, and excel. The folks in DC probably picked up on this when I was addressing them last Friday and shared that Tahzoo’s year-over-year growth sits at 80% and while that is superior (not many 5-year old businesses can say that) it’s not 100%. That’s my drive talking. And perhaps it’s been ingrained in me from my days at Microsoft where we had to be driven to hit our sales targets. And even outside of Sales, it was just a part of the culture. So what drives you each day? What are you hoping to achieve by working here- for yourself, professionally, for our clients and the greater good of Tahzoo? Send me an email – I’d love to hear your thoughts!