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Happy Mother’s Day

Hi Everyone,

To all Moms here at Tahzoo, Happy Mother’s Day! Being a Mother is undoubtedly one of the most demanding and challenging jobs in the world and I can sincerely say, I respect and appreciate everything that Moms do to make their kids happy and healthy. Before I had kids, I didn’t fully understand the mental load that women carry as Mothers; it’s the doctors and dentist appointments, the little details about children’s personalities and preferences, and the hundreds (if not thousands) of things that go into caring for a child. So, here’s to you, ladies. You are awesome. 

One of the unexpected delights of founding Tahzoo has been seeing so many families grow. All the marriages and new babies over the years has been a wonderful part of my experience at Tahzoo. I can’t begin to explain the joy of seeing people like Piti, Dara, Laura, Travis, Matt, Gabi, Emil, Kseniia, and so many others become parents and develop a whole new set of talents. 

Life is all about perspective and being a parent has certainly changed my viewpoint about the world. What do I care about, what do I want to change, what do I want to ensure my kids know about life and the world around them? My perspective about Moms also changed when I became a parent, in short – you are some bad ass individuals! I hope you all get a day of pampering, relaxation, family experiences or anything else that brings you joy. Also, and this is for everyone, make sure you call, text or see your Mom if you can… She brought you into the world and we’re all grateful that you’re here! 

Let’s go be great!