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Introducing Tahzoo

Hi Everyone,

I had to write an introductory letter to a prospective client/partner of Tahzoo this week. For today’s DOB, I thought I’d share this letter with you. It incorporates our value proposition, sets expectations for working with Tahzoo, and describes our mission-driven approach to improving the customer experience. I know people often ask me, “What does your company do?”
I hope this letter will provide each of you some ways of describing our company. Take what I’ve written and put it into your own words, so the next time someone asks you or you have a chance to share about Tahzoo with a prospective client, you’re ready to go.


Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Tahzoo. We believe that the quality and consistency of a customer’s experience is the hallmark of industry and market leading companies. Consumer expectations are rapidly changing – there is more information and more choice for products and services than ever. Customers want contextually relevant and personalized experiences that just work. At the same time, technology is evolving at a dizzying rate. There are more ways than ever to please customers, but that requires well designed and integrated technology solutions. Companies that are innovative and agile in their response to their clients’ needs will win the day.

We are the kind of firm that our clients hire when quality and speed matter. Our clients can hire any consulting firm in the world and yet they hire Tahzoo. We are not as well-known as the large consultancies, we just quietly do great work. 98% of our business comes from referrals because we are the best at what we do. We have been chosen by some of the largest and most successful companies in the world including Starbucks, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, and Brown Forman. We hope you will do the same.

The secret to our success is that Tahzoo has been designed since its inception to deliver customer experiences that drive top line revenue, profit, and loyalty. To successfully launch such a digital transformation program, our clients need to hire a firm that combines management consulting, customer experience, and marketing technology expertise.

I started Tahzoo built on what I learned about customer experience as an executive at Nordstrom, combined with a decade of building enterprise software applications at Microsoft. Our promise is that we deliver the ability to generate a Nordstrom-like personalized experience powered by the best technology on the planet. For more that 10 years, Tahzoo has been perfecting our craft, learning how to lead and build innovative solutions for our clients.

We exist to make millions of people a little bit happier every day. We are a mission driven company that hires the best and the brightest people to support our clients. Our number one criterion for hiring team members is that they are Smart and Happy. You will enjoy working with us, we will enjoy working with you, and together we will accomplish great things.

Let’s go be great!