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Let’s Get Social!

“What would you do if you believed you only had a few minutes to live? Don’t look back. Don’t be afraid. Don’t give up. Don’t Look Down.”       
– Sir Richard Branson 

I’ve been talking a lot recently about The Experience Economy my perspective on how I think the world of business has shifted over recent years from one of consumption to one based on experience. That is, doing things is much more important than owning stuff. As I say, it no longer matters how many goods you have; it matters how good you have it. 
As a leader in digital transformation, Tahzoo is at the forefront of all of this change. We are continually helping our clients, even the oldest of old-school ones, reimagine their businesses as experiences rather than as collections of products and services. 
One of the key drivers of this shift has been the proliferation of social/mobile media, but, more to the point, it’s about sharing. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat I could go on and on our ability to share our experiences with our friends, family and the world has driven our need for bigger, better, more distinctive experiences. How many times have you seen blurry images of someone’s latest meal roll across your Facebook newsfeed? People want to share what they are doing with their lives. 
To that end, I would love for everyone at Tahzoo to become more social. (Speaking both digitally and personally, of course.)  
I’m planning to get more social with increased attention to my twitter feed and a new Tahzoo Instagram account, where I can post images from my travels to all those great Tahzoo locations around the world. I would love it if those of you with Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts would friend, follow, or connect with me and Tahzoo’s growing number of social entities. I will do the same for you if I don’t already. 
I’m likewise proud to announce the launch of my new personal blog and the addition of Desk of Brad to the Tahzoo website. Through these social channels, I can muse about the topics that are most important to me (and, by extension, Tahzoo). This means core values, things I’ve learned along the way, experiences that have shaped me and my thinking, and, of course, lots of talk of technology and personalization and how they are reshaping business. 
Linking In 

I would also appreciate it if, in your LinkedIn profiles, you would use some of our branded language to describe Tahzoo and what we do: 

“Tahzoo is the company of smart and happy people who are passionate about personalizing the relationships between brands and their customers. We are one of the largest and fastest-growing customer experience (CX) agencies in the world. ” 
Also and this is really important if you have personal blogs or websites, it is especially helpful if you could crosslink to the Tahzoo website and to posts on our blogs. As you know, search engines and especially Google highly value crosslinks from other websites in their algorithms and it would help build some valuable search equity to get these efforts off on the right foot. It would also be a big boost for Tahzoo’s social standing as a thought leader. The more we share with and about each other, the better we all do. 
Here are some valuable social handles and addresses to add your lists of likes and follows. 
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Let’s go be (socially) great!