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Sales – It’s Not Just Selling

“One little person, giving all of her time to peace, makes news. Many people, giving some of their time, can make history.”

– Peace Pilgrim

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may know, my Mom is not in good health and I’m spending some time with my family right now. If you need anything while Matt and I are caring for our Mom; Dave, Gabi and Arden are available to manage anything that may come up… don’t hesitate to reach out. 

I will resume my strategy outline in next Friday’s email, which further clarifies our vision, direction, and transformation of our business. 

For today’s email, I wanted to share a ‘desk of Brad’ from back in 2017, which still applies today… I hope this provides some insight into our sales strategy and how we go to market as a team. 

“Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It is a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do, if you are to bring it to your customer interactions.” – Betsy Sanders 

Sales – It’s Not Just Selling… 

In a healthy company, everyone knows how they contribute to the mission and success of the company. I had many different jobs while I worked at Nordstrom – at one point in time, I was a phone switchboard operator; I managed all the incoming and outgoing phone calls for the store. At another point, I worked in security; keeping everyone safe and catching shoplifters. While these jobs didn’t contribute directly to selling clothing, they were an important part of creating an optimal customer experience. We have many different practice areas and capabilities within Tahzoo to assist our clients. The work that everyone does is important. 
I recently had a conversation with a developer who wasn’t entirely sure how his work contributed to the overall mission of Tahzoo. It’s not that he didn’t understand his work or the need to implement a content management system; rather, how that fits into the big picture of Tahzoo. As we were talking, I asked him to consider a few questions… We talked through his answers, and it became clear to me that I should spend more time making sure each of you understands how you can contribute to making Tahzoo a great company. 
   1.     Do you understand the vision we have for our clients? 
  2.     What do you do every single day to contribute to the Tahzoo client experience? 
   3.     How are you advancing the mission of the company? 
   4.     How are you innovating in your work to improve the experience? 
   5.     How do you identify new opportunities for Tahzoo to help your client? 
What each of you does every day contributes to our clients becoming long-standing customers of Tahzoo. In other words, we could ask, “How do I contribute to sales and growth at Tahzoo?” This got me thinking about all of the sales and customer experience touchpoints that help contribute to the growth of our bottom line, even those touchpoints that may not engage with our customers directly. I would encourage everyone to review these five questions and consider what you could be doing differently. 
As always, feel free to send me your thoughts and feedback. 

Let’s go be great!