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Smart and Happy People: Knowing How You Contribute to the Mission of the Company

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” 

– Ken Blanchard 

With the continuous Innovation, Measurement, and the Orchestration and the consistency that follows, this provides each of you the time to continuously investigate the way of working, finding “The Best Way”. 
When you spend your time exploring the possibilities for improvement, you will not only start to apply that at work but also in your life. The work itself becomes the crucible for your personal transformation. 
The work itself becomes something other than a habit; it becomes an exploration into who you are and how you express ourselves in relationship to something much larger. Our mission is to make millions of people a little bit happier every day. The framework of examination is different for everyone but work through this thought experiment for a moment; 

  • First, what is your role? 
  • What function do you fulfill? 
  • How are you impacting your peers? 
  • What is the strength and quality of your relationships with your client? 
  • How are you making an impact? 

With the answers to these questions in mind, start the process of investigating a better way. Tahzoo exists in the context of serving clients and one another, the purpose it fulfills, and the impact it has on those who come in contact with our company. 
The process of continuous improvement might start as a habit, but it becomes a way of being. It becomes an opportunity for each of you to find your best self and the best way of working when you consider that we are a family of people working together to make our clients successful. Without a positive impact on our clients and one another, Tahzoo ceases to fulfill its mission. 
Let’s go be great!