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Software eating the world

I shared this great article about coding with the rest of the leadership team this week and wanted to also share it with you. I liked how this article speaks about how “the systems coders built are used to manage the global economic infrastructure. Not bad for six or seven decades—but keep it in perspective. Software may be eating the world, but the world was previously eaten by other things, too: the rise of the telephone system, the spread of electricity, and the absolute domination of the automobile. It’s miraculous that we have mobile phones, but it’s equally miraculous that we can charge them. If coders don’t run the world, they run the things that run the world.” 

I often speak about the incredible processing speed that surrounds us today and the amount of data we have at our disposal. Those two things colliding create massive disruption in the marketplace. It’s been a constant evolution with technology at the helm – no longer the need for travel agents because consumers have all that data at their fingertips, for example.  This article is not a quick read, but I do encourage you all to check it out…and if you do read all 38,000 words, you will get a certificate at the end! I welcome you to send me your thoughts on this.