Desk of Brad

Software is Magic

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” 

– Henry Ford 

Hi Everyone, 
Well, we’re a few weeks into the shelter-in-place orders around the country. I know many of us are getting a bit stir crazy and absorbing all the challenges of working at home, I just want to say thank you. I’ve seen so much energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly, patience across the company. It’s really a testimony to each of you and the character and caliber of the employees of Tahzoo! I am humbled by our esprit de corps. 

I hope you enjoyed my presentation on selling SDL Blue Printing today, it is a game-changer and has the potential to unlock so much value for our clients. If you couldn’t attend the meeting this morning, I strongly encourage you to listen to my presentation, Tom has it posted on Teams. It’s so important that we explain the value proposition of the solutions we provide in business terms so that we can get to the heart of what is troubling our clients. Good consulting is like detective work, we must illuminate the possibilities so that we can discover the challenges and then provide solutions. Bill Gates used to say “software is magic”, and it is because it makes so many things possible. We need to use the art of the possible as a discovery tool, and the features and functions of software are a great way to get those conversations started. 
Thank you again for being such good teammates and colleagues to one another, it’s heartwarming to me to see how well you’re taking care of each other. Hopefully, we only have a few more weeks of this new normal. As I say on the calls, if you need to chat or want to blow off some steam I am always available, call me any time.