How should I measure you? I have been working on how we make decisions at Tahzoo. I have spent the last couple of months observing the criteria around decision making at all levels in the company. It’s been an insightful and profound experience. I would like to share some of my insight with you and […]

The Tahzoo Experience

I wrote to you a few weeks ago about the improving and redefining the Tahzoo experience. I am pleased to announce that we are beginning the kick-off for the new We need to put some WOW into our customer experience. Now that we’ve merged the two companies, we need to see our brand and […]

Tahzoo’s Center of Excellence

I hope you all had a good couple of days to contemplate the new organizational structure that was discussed in the town halls this week. I have received feedback from a number of you and there are a few areas where I wanted to provide additional clarification, today I’ll cover off on the Centers of […]