Desk of Brad


Hi Everyone,  Our all-hands call is scheduled for next Thursday – I’m looking forward to speaking with all of you. John Kottcamp has created a SharePoint folder with all of the thought leadership the company has produced over the last few months. In addition to the whitepapers, I hope you took a moment to review the […]

Digital Innovation

I spoke this week at the Digital Innovation Summit in Utrecht. It was a wonderful event with over 100 attendees, including customers, prospects, and partners. My speech focused on the experience economy and how the quality and shareability of experience is a hallmark of good marketing. In the experience economy, it’s not about how much […]

Inspiring Innovation

For any new company to succeed there has to be innovation—often a lot of it. Apple. Amazon. Uber. Facebook. The examples are easy to come by. The message is pretty simple: to stand out, you have to do things differently than those who went before. That’s why we talk a lot about innovation here at […]

Three Ways to Bring Out Innovation in Employees

I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of maintaining Tahzoo’s unique culture through this expansion and the integration of Tahzoo Europe. This has led me to take a step back and look at what makes Tahzoo special, and it’s clear that our employees truly are our greatest assets. The ‘Zoo team is comprised of […]

Tahzoo’s Center of Excellence

I hope you all had a good couple of days to contemplate the new organizational structure that was discussed in the town halls this week. I have received feedback from a number of you and there are a few areas where I wanted to provide additional clarification, today I’ll cover off on the Centers of […]

Go to market chaos

Team Tahzoo,  Another week in one place, well kinda. I headed up to New York to join Derick Price, Gabi Macy, Matthias Vanhollebeke, and Chad Van Lier at the aDAM SYNC! Event on Wednesday. I was able to meet folks from aDAM and see first-hand what a great partner they are for us. As a silver sponsor we were able to present our vision for leveraging DAM for the […]