Sales, It’s Not Just Selling…

In a healthy company, everyone knows how they contribute to the mission and success of the company. I had many different jobs while I worked at Nordstrom, at one point in time I was a phone switchboard operator, I managed all the incoming and outgoing phone call for the store. At another point I worked […]

Leadership for May

Team Tahzoo,  I’ve been thinking a lot about May’s theme, leadership. I have found myself at different points in my career where the leadership of others has been most impactful. And what I’ve learned from those impactful moments is that the best sign of leadership is when it is shown, not just a tag line. […]

Accountability For March

Team Tahzoo,  This month’s theme is Accountability. It is most fitting for the last month of the quarter. And as we near the end of Q1 with only a few selling days left, I want us each to feel accountable for our results. By now everyone should have thought through what your 2015 goals are and […]