Desk of Brad


Tahzoo 2017 Strategic Direction

“Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary a qualification for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.”

– H.G. Wells 

A few weeks ago, I wrote out our mission for 2017 in the Desk of Brad. I thought I’d send it out as a reminder and a pretext for our focus going forward.  

Our challenge in 2017 is to make Tahzoo a recognized leader in Experience Design and Delivery. Our results, deliverables, and service must exceed our client’s expectations. We will consistently approach our clients with new ideas about how to improve their business. We will know we are doing well because our clients will be excited about continuing to spend more money with Tahzoo. A consequence of doing these things well is that clients will pay us a premium, and this will be reflected in the financial health of the company.  

I’ve been meeting with the leadership team each week to ensure that we have alignment around our priorities and the habits necessary to ensure our success. The following are what I consider our major priorities in the first half of the year. As we closed out 2016 it became clear to me that we needed to reinvigorate our enthusiasm and enjoy a more disciplined approach to reaching our success. See these priorities as our guideposts for measuring our results.  

  • Renew the Company and Have Fun  
  • Enjoy a Sense of Accomplishment Towards our Goals  
  • Run the Company by the Numbers  
  • Alleviate Complexity  
  • Clarify Decision Making  
  • Define Ourselves as Recognized Leaders