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Tahzoo Commitment

As a follow up to my commentary last week, I’d like to continue my discussion about commitment. As the company grows and changes we need to be committed to our values and to what has gotten us here. I realize for many of you who are part of the Hinttech organization joining Tahzoo, you may not be as familiar with the values or the history that brought us to this point so let me share a little bit… Not too long ago (less than 4 years) we were a small team, just 10 people, however, we were committed to an idea and one another… that if we cared about our employees and cared about our customers we’d be a company worth caring about. While at times this may seem trite, it was and is the fuel that propels Tahzoo. You see businesses can be started for many reasons, to make money, to exploit a market opportunity, to arbitrage labor markets, or to do something meaningful. In our case, my first act at Tahzoo was creating our values, even before I decided what we’d do as a company. I thought if I was going to start a company it should mean something, stand for something, and do something that makes a difference. 

With all that said, I want to change our little part of the world. I want to help our clients figure out how to do a better job of taking care of their customers. It’s just that simple. They should hire Tahzoo because they believe we can help them and we should. We should understand the trust they have bestowed on us and act accordingly. Now for taking care of employees part of the values… I desire to create a company where smart and happy people can come together on behalf of a client and do great work, no matter what your role is in the company or the team. I have not always done the best job of keeping up with the demands of the employees or creating enough transparency that all of us feel like we understand the mission, know what we need to do, and have the opportunity to contribute. My personal goal for the next couple of quarters is to focus on improving the communication and transparency within the company.  

I am committed to improving the quality of our delivery… are we really making a difference for our clients? And improving the transparency and effectiveness of our communication.. does everyone know what they are accountable for and have the tools to be effective? Feel free to hold me accountable if you believe that I am falling short.