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The Difference Between Average and Exceptional Experiences

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.”

– Robert Kiyosaki 

We live in a time of change where the established patterns of consistency and sameness are being challenged. The new mediums of the web and social media are positioning everyone to contribute to the next big cause, the next cool band, the next great restaurant, or the next extraordinary customer experience firm. 
Good enough stopped being good enough a long time ago – So why not be great? Why not be worth talking about? Why not be exceptional
Average now equals mediocre  (i.e. not worth seeking out, not worth talking about, boring – you get the idea). Defending the image of an average is exhausting. Think about that… the difference between defending what you know is your best work versus something that is nothing special. 
We are in the business of helping people sort out the intersections between technology, marketing, and sales. We have important processes, tools, and talents to complete that task, and candidly we are good – but we can always push ourselves to be better. Do you know why our job is hard sometimes? We are in the business of helping our customers change. We are all agents of change… and people fear change. 
We need to help our customers deliver exceptional experiences. An experience that is worth writing about, talking about, and sharing. Average experience is the new mediocre; let’s help our customers be great
Let’s go be great!