Desk of Brad

Visiting the Richmond Office

Hi Everyone, 
A big shout out to Tahzoo RVA!!! I had a chance to visit our Richmond office this week. I visited with several members of the team, in a socially distanced and masked kind of way. Easy to do, the office is quite spacious. It was great to see some old friends and even meet Jon Harrison on his first day at Tahzoo. Our first real office as a company was in Richmond, it has always been the unofficial headquarters for Tahzoo Labs. Many of our best ideas and the strength of our engineering excellence has been rooted in the Richmond team. I see so much promise in our RVA team and I am looking forward to their contribution to Tahzoo becoming a software-enabled services business. A big thank you to Dara, Eddie, Travis, Patrick, Fletch, and Sarah for all your hard work keeping the spirit of Tahzoo RVA alive and well! 

Let’s go be great