Desk of Brad

Voice of the Culture

“The greatest asset of a company is its people.” 

– Jorge Paulo Lemann 

Hi Everyone, 
Hope you enjoyed the extra time off last week. For my part, I rented a house in the mountains, enjoyed some golf, watched a bunch of movies, and got crushed in Monopoly by my children as they decided that teaming up to beat me was their number one goal. While I wasn’t super happy about losing … I am a competitive person; I took a lot of joy in seeing them work together as a team! I trust that each of you used your time wisely and had a chance to recharge the batteries. 
The Voice of the Culture is a super important feedback loop within Tahzoo. I would really appreciate each of you continuing to rate your week and expressing your opinions. If we can keep the participation rate at or above 80% that would be fantastic. 
The goal of the VOC is to give everyone an opportunity to reflect on the previous week, find moments of gratefulness, especially related to experiences with co-workers, and provide constructive feedback to me and the leadership team to improve the effectiveness of the company. Some of you are more vocal than others and that’s ok, we just need to keep the lines of communication open. 
As part of our core values “if you take care of your customer and your employees, you’ll have a company worth caring about”, the VOC is a very important tool to ensure that we live up to those values. It’s a journey, not a destination and the company has evolved a lot over the years. The VOC has been instrumental in making necessary changes. If you couldn’t tell based on my last few DOBs, I am a huge fan of freedom of speech. I think it’s necessary for democracy and necessary for a thriving company. The twice-weekly all-hands meetings, the VOC, and an open-door policy are all mechanisms to make sure your voice is heard. 
It’s your company too! Tahzoo can only be great and we can only achieve our mission of making millions of people a little bit happier every day by working together and providing honest feedback. I look forward to hearing more from each of you.