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What is Tahzoo?

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever walked into a grocery store and asked yourself why some products seem to be in the middle of the shelf at eye level and other products are buried on the bottom shelf or hard to see on the top shelf? Usually, the biggest brands have the premium shelf space because they pay for it. When I was a buyer at Nordstrom, my vendors would give me what we used to call co-op dollars to pay for promotional advertising and in-store displays. This has been the dominate operating model in retail for as long as I can remember.
Then came e-commerce, how do you get premium shelf space? Sure, on Amazon you can be a featured product, no different than buying a display ad or key word placement on a Google search. Occasionally effective, but not the same thing as walking into a store and the first thing you see is a beautiful product display. Lay’s Potato Chips always seem to be right near the register the week before the Super Bowl.  
So, a couple of years ago I was in a meeting at Brown Forman and they were talking about a digital shelf and how to influence their customers’ purchasing habits, knowing they can’t change the physical display. Interesting business problem, right? Tahzoo was hired to solve that problem. We did great work and delivered fantastic results for our client, so much so that we were mentioned by Tim Nall, CIO and Board Member of Brown Forman in a recent interview with CIO magazine.
I am often asked what we do for a living… what is Tahzoo?
We do bespoke consulting for Global 1000 companies to improve the quality of their customer experience. We believe that relevant and personalized content is the key to winning in today’s economy. We are not a System Integrator, we are not an Agency, and we are not a Management Consulting firm – we are all of those things and more. I am really proud of the work we do; it doesn’t fit in a simple box because we solve complex and challenging problems for prestigious clients.
Here’s a link to the article… Congratulations to the Brown Forman team and Tahzoo, enjoy!!!

Let’s go be great!