Desk of Brad

Where We are Headed

Dear Tahzoo,

I’ve spent much of the last year writing to you about change, I’d like to touch on where we are headed.  

Every company evolves over time. We started out as an SDL Tridion Sites shop and grew from there into other aspects of the enterprise marketing platform. We have always “pitched” personalization as a core value proposition, although at times, we’ve struggled to deliver on that promise. Nonetheless, the core principle that personalized experiences will be a competitive advantage for our clients, is as true today as it was when we started Tahzoo.

In a post Covid world, Fortune 500 companies that engage their customers in a consistent, thoughtful, and personalized way will gain a lasting competitive advantage. You may think that Amazon has an insurmountable lead in the consumer goods market, however their lead is not based on a great experience, it’s based on logistics. It is the example of a one size fits all experience that panders to the lowest common denominator.

In the crowded consumer goods market, the question for the Brands is how can they market and sell their product, with Amazon as the intermediary? This is a real problem for most Brands and many of our clients. It’s not like they can just run more TV ads to break through to the customer. My prediction is that most of these Brands will move to a direct-to-consumer strategy; they will cut out the middleman which will drive additional profit but most important, they will be able to create experiences that are consistent and personalized.

We need to up our E-Commerce game, not just on the technology side but also the strategy side. If we can be the firm that brings the technology prowess to launch global commerce solutions and be the experts in user experience design, we will have a lot of opportunity in the coming years. Take all of that and embed structured content so that the post purchase consumer experience is also personalized, then Tahzoo will drive the marketing trifecta: Attracting customers, Converting customers, and Retaining customers. We need 5% market share in the Fortune 500, just 25 clients to achieve our goals. We have the market opportunity, the know-how, and a fantastic company full of smart and happy people. 2021 will be a breakout year for Tahzoo, a year of change.

Let’s go be great!