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Whole of Tahzoo Approach

Hi Everyone,

We are going to restructure the company to take better advantage of our market opportunity and the changing nature of our business. After Covid, the need for Global 1000 companies to create contextually relevant and personalized experiences for their customers has never been more important. Although implementing a new enterprise class CMS platform is super important, it’s only one of several foundational steps in a well-executed customer experience program.

The opportunity to grow our business by providing value added consulting services, (Strategy, Design, Business Analysis etc.) is not just only a natural extension of our service offering, it should be a competitive differentiator for Tahzoo. We are a full-service consultancy that offers the best of Management Consulting, Experience Design and Technology Services.

The breadth and scope of our technology offerings has expanded significantly in the last couple of years. It wasn’t that long ago that we were an SDL Tridion sites shop with limited expertise in surrounding technologies and software products. The number of supported software products and project types has grown significantly in the last couple of years. Take for example, that Digital Asset Management Projects are now more than half of our lead flow. With the ascendance of Artificial Intelligence, I see our service offering continuing to expand.

The driving principal behind this reorganization is that we integrate our service offerings. There needs to be a Whole of Tahzoo approach to the Marketing, Sales, and Delivery of our company. Each facet of Tahzoo needs to participate in the Marketing, Selling and Delivery to our clients and prospects. This will be a work in progress, we will continue to iterate until we get it just right.

There are a couple important parameters to consider when thinking about how we are organized. We must have an organizational system that drives expectations as clearly as it does accountability. As I see it, we have three levels of expectations and accountability within Tahzoo, each of them drives one of our strategic priorities.
  Your role and accountability to your division – Increasing Profitability Your responsibility to your client and your project team – Great Customer Service Your obligation to your workstream or POD (as we are calling it now) – Perfect Quality Work

For clarity’s sake – you could be assigned to a client (Client and Project Team), working as a Business Analyst in Labs (Your division), and assigned to the Digital Asset Management practice (DAM Workstream/POD). You may be capable of working on many accounts or assigned to many different practice areas, but you always report into one division. It’s a matrixed model that provides a lot of freedom for each of you to choose growth in your career paths, but also demands a higher degree of engagement and focus on your part to ensure we are delivering the best possible Tahzoo client experience.

We are going to start with making clear assignments around the management of the consulting divisions within Tahzoo.

Dara Keo will lead the Labs division. Everyone in labs reports to him. Eddie will be acting as Dara’s second in command.

Matt Heidemann will lead the Consulting division. That is everyone who is billable and not part of labs. The Consulting division will have many subgroups as does labs – Studios, Strategy Team, Data Science Team etc.

Tom Wanat will run the Delivery Operations division. That includes Experience Producers or traditional Project Managers (but not the Experience Managers), Recruiting and Administrative Staff to ensure that we have effective systems with timely and accurate reports.

Darrell Cypress will continue to run the Client Solutions division. Roland Mutts will be leading the Experience Manager team, taking on Matt Heidemann’s former role and will now be reporting to Darrell. This team will ensure that we have happy clients who are experiencing the best of what Tahzoo has to offer.

If you are in a Tahzoo-wide functional area such as Sales, Legal, Finance, HR, or Administration, then your reporting structure remains unchanged.

These are initial steps in our effort to modernize Tahzoo. I fully realize that an organizational chart and additional role clarity is still necessary. Matt, Tom, and Dara will be responsible to work through the remaining details of the organizational structure consistent with our strategic vision and priorities. There will be more announcements to follow.

Matt, Tom, and Dara have collectively almost 30 years of experience at Tahzoo. I trust them to uphold the highest values of Tahzoo and to be the leaders that will build and grow our company in the coming years. We are on a journey to perfect our company, our craft, and our client relationships – they are going to get us to the next level.

Let’s go be great!