Desk of Brad

BBQ part 2

Hi Everyone,

I’m about 2/3 of the way done with my favorite BBQ drive, along with my 13 year old son, Mitch. There are two restaurants left for today and two more tomorrow. The funny thing about BBQ is it’s mostly the same, then you occasionally find a good place. Here are a couple stand outs for both good and bad…. “Porters” in Gallup, New Mexico was tragic… meatless ribs if you can believe it. I would not recommend to a friend, or even my worst enemy.

The “Whole Hog Cafe” in Santa Fe, New Mexico is a great example of somewhere you must arrive early. Unfortunately my car totally broke down on the way… by the time I got there, they only had pulled pork and some sides left. I’d been across the street prior at “Cowgirl BBQ”, more of a bar really… live southwestern country music – a fun place for a drink but BBQ not worth having. The leftovers at the Whole Hog were great, just get there early!

Now, “Tyler’s Barbeque” in Amarillo, Texas is a place to show off. Very good barbeque in-line with Texan tradition. Mitch had his brisket chopped instead of sliced. I think pork is better chopped rather than brisket, but overall a top contender. 

We passed through a scary town and wound up at the best so far, “Whole Hog Cafe” in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is not to be confused with the “Whole Hog Cafe” in Santa Fe as they’re not related – just a popular name. This location has won the BBQ World Championship several times over and you can tell. The ribs were unbelievable… 

Last night we went out on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee to a dueling piano bar. They performed some good singalongs and we enjoyed ourselves. A couple more days of driving until back we’re back in DC! 

I hope you all take time to do something you really enjoy this weekend. 

Let’s go be great!