Desk of Brad


Being a Free Market Capitalist

“For all great innovations, someone took a risk. They risked capital; they risked their energy; they risked their opportunity cost; and more important, they risked failure. We can’t innovate without the belief that we can succeed, the confidence that others will be there to help us on the journey, and the security that we will not be punished if we fail to reach our goal. A fast-moving world demands innovation for long-term success.”

– Dov Seidman 

I’ve been in the Netherlands this week coordinating the final efforts for the restructuring of Tahzoo. I see how the separation of concerns will lead to greater opportunities for long-term success for all involved. I’ve spoken many times about the importance of caring for your customers and your employees as a first principle for how I approach my job every day. The new Tahzoo will continue to be centered on our core values. 
Next week we will be sharing our new culture book, and an updated organizational chart focused on ensuring that we can make decisions closer to our customers, grounded in quantitative metrics as well as the qualitative. 
In the final analysis, I am a free-market capitalist. I believe that everyone should have the right to pursue their passion, and through their work have a sense of accomplishment and achievement that is consistent with their life goals. As I’ve built Tahzoo, I have endeavored to create the freedom necessary for employees to have the opportunity to pursue greatness as they choose.   
It’s up to each of us, every day, to do the hard work and to make the hard decisions required to achieve our dreams. I wish each of you a life that is fulfilled and rich with a sense of accomplishment for the values you hold most dearly. 
Rest assured that Tahzoo is a great company and we will achieve our goals of being a market-leading CX agency.