Desk of Brad

College Hire Program

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce our new college hire program. A special thanks to Chris Barbeau, Don Low and Travis Kuhn for working on this project. We also have available a Powerpoint presentation which outlines the details of the plan – let us know if you’d like a copy.

Our goal is to fill the company with bright young minds, (who are happy of course!!) and make them what we call ‘triple threats’! We are breaking out the candidates into two categories; business consulting and technical consulting. Once on-boarded into a discipline, they will work in three different areas over an 18-month period. At each six-month mark we will make an evaluation of their progress and then move them to the next discipline.

We have selected a number of schools who are targeted near each of our offices. We need volunteers to staff the recruiting booths, assist in the interview process and most importantly, mentor our new employees.

On the low end, we expect to hire an additional 40 people into Tahzoo this year. We’d like to make sure that we are building the next generation of experts and leaders for our company.

In addition to the college hire program, we are going to be rolling out a training program within the Labs and Studios business, specifically designed to broaden the skill sets within the company. Given the focus on billability, everyone needs to have multiple skill sets that can be leveraged on projects. Additionally, we are winning projects that span new categories of technology and marketing programs; while we are great consultants, we can benefit from further training and expertise to be successful in any engagement. If you have non-billable time you should be working with your manager to first find billable work, and then secondly, getting the training you need to address more of the Tahzoo service offering.

I am really excited about the college hire program and the investments that we are going to be making in each of you over the next few years.

Let’s go be great!