Desk of Brad

Cycle of Problem Awareness

Hi Everyone,

Cheerful Leadership, Cheerful Coaching, and Cheerful Problem Solving
Over the last few months, I’ve been observing patterns of behavior related to customer and personnel challenges within our business. When things aren’t going right big and small, we need to communicate with one another, problem solve, and occasionally provide constructive criticism to those involved, so that we prevent the problem from happening again.
The cycle of problem awareness, collaboration, problem solving, and constructive criticism is a normal pattern of communication in every company.
I’d like us to do a better job of this at Tahzoo. We all grew up with a different family communication dynamic and we bring our experience from working at other companies to our work at Tahzoo. It feels like we are in fire drill mode a lot at Tahzoo. Under stress, all of us – including me, struggle to maintain emotional balance. Over time the constant fire drills wear us out.
I was watching an old Steven Segal movie with my son, Under Siege… don’t judge me, 13-year old’s love movies with Battleships. In the seminal moment of confrontation between the good guy and the bad guy (Tommy Lee Jones), he has a line of dialogue which I thought was brilliant, so much so, that I recorded the moment on my cell phone so I could write this Desk of Brad.  
Tommy Lee Jones “I got tired of coming up with last minute desperate solutions to impossible problems created by other (%^&#) people”. if you want to watch the whole scene. He’s so mad, he wants to blow up the world with nuclear missiles. Can you relate to his quote? Ever felt that way at Tahzoo?
I’ve observed three patterns of communication that I’d like to replace with Cheerful Leadership, Cheerful Coaching, and Cheerful Problem Solving.

  • Getting angry with someone
  • Blaming other people for creating the problem
  • Ignoring the problem

We say all the time we are Smart and Happy People. We specifically hire for this so we can reduce the amount of friction in our company. 

The Tahzoo Brand Promise
We are smart, happy people passionate about personalizing the relationships between our clients and their customers. You will enjoy working with us. We will enjoy working with you. Together, we will do great things.

We will never be able to deliver on The Tahzoo Brand Promise if we are not practicing good communication habits. For the good of Tahzoo, our clients, and each of you, let’s work on being cheerful. We will never get rid of all of the challenges in our business, but we can always be certain to always to be cheerful and kind to each other.

One more thing…

Tahzoo is hosting a Photography Contest for the Case Study Page. Those who would like to enter may select one of our previous or current clients in their area and submit one (or multiple) photos for consideration. The winner will be selected one month from now. The person with the best photo will be featured on the Case Study Page and will win a Starbucks gift card! Monika will post this on the “Creative Corner” of the All Tahzoo Teams channel and those interested may submit photos there. Any questions surrounding this, please reach out to Monika. 

Let’s go be great!