Desk of Brad

Is it February already?

Team Tahzoo, 

Wow- is it February already? With six more weeks of winter, thank you Punxsutawney Phil, I left a very cold DC area for Seattle on Monday. It was wonderful to catch up with folks there. I had an awesome brief on our innovation roadmap. The work the team is doing – Kevin Botterbusch, Bill Harding, David Dorian, led by Misia Tramp – from Fractal Geometry to Kady Perry Indices – it is quite excellent.  I’d like to see the work they are doing featured in one of our new Lunch-N-Learn sessions so everyone can be as inspired as I am. 

Last month’s theme was THRIVE – many of you have had your annual review meeting with your manager to review how well you THRIVED in 2014. If you have not, it should be calendared. This month’s theme is PASSION. I saw a lot of passion in Seattle this week. Everyone was jazzed about the work they are doing and the way they can, and are, impacting our clients. But passion is not just about what we do at work, is it? It’s about what gets us going, why we wake up each day, why we excel. If you are passionate about something and have the drive to see it through, nothing can stop you. I see this manifest in the great Thursday Tech Blog we started – great job Bill Harding for authoring the first one – and all the collaborative Yammer threads. I personally am passionate about innovation, about excellence, and about results that matter. I am passionate about learning, reading, discovering. I want to encourage all of you to find your inner passion and harness it. For when you do, great things happen! 

If you are so inspired by this theme, get social with it. Tweet it up, write a blog, start a Yammer thread. Let’s get the PASSION conversation started.