Desk of Brad


Leadership for May

Team Tahzoo, 

I’ve been thinking a lot about May’s theme, leadership. I have found myself at different points in my career where the leadership of others has been most impactful. And what I’ve learned from those impactful moments is that the best sign of leadership is when it is shown, not just a tag line. I’d love for you all to think about leadership as you take this month’s Voice of the Culture weekly surveys. I want you to think about who at Tahzoo has been showing good leadership. At the end of the month, I’d like to recognize those people, because being a leader happens at every level of an organization, and I want to hear from you and what good leadership you are experiencing and showing. 

This week I was in DC. It felt great to be home for a stint, even for a short while. Because next week takes me, Gabi Macy, Josh Einhorn, Brandon Bernard, Chad Van Lier, Matt Heidemann, John Kottcamp, and Dave Sterenberg from Tahzoo and Egbert Hendriks, Jeroen Suurd, Roland Muts, Maja Pejcic, and Andrew Vo from HintTech to San Francisco for the SDL Innovate event. Josh and Brandon are leading a session during Developer Day on Monday about Architecture and Hosting Innovation. Dave and Chad are participating in the Partner Lunch and SDL Regional VP Sales meeting also on Monday. I am joining their pre-conference dinner with press and analysts that evening. I also have a few media briefings with Forbes and 1:1 and we are looking into Fortune. On Tuesday, I have my keynote address where I will be speaking about Investing in CX. John will be hosting a VIP round table lunch that afternoon leading a discussion on how to pre­pare for your 5-year plan to become 20/20 in 2020.  John is also giving introductions to a few sessions throughout the conference and everyone will be working our booth, talking to clients and prospects, as well as SDL staff to drive new business for Tahzoo. Needless to say, it has the makings of a very promising event and I look forward to the opportunities that will arise.