Desk of Brad

Happy 4th!

Hi Everyone,

Well Happy Fourth of July! Gosh, I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy a BBQ and time with family and friends. It is truly amazing to think about where the country was at a year ago. I was worried about Covid, Tahzoo, and the political discourse in our country, and many other things. Here we are a year later – the Covid vaccine is widely available, what a miracle of modern medicine! Tahzoo is making progress and improvements in many areas, I am excited about launching our software business in earnest, more about that later. As difficult as the election and post-election events, the country is still moving forward and the rule of law has held firm; our Founding Fathers had amazing insight to build in safeguards and protections that have held us together.

I cannot tell you how many times I have shared this quote by Mark Twain and reminded myself daily that allowing my mind to wander into the darkness of terrible consequences is a bad mental habit: “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” The more time I spend reminding myself what I am grateful for rather than worrying about things outside of my control, the happier I am. As I write this DOB today, I am keenly aware about the importance of having perspective. I would encourage all of you to take the time to reflect on the last 4th of July compared to this year and ask yourself, “How does my perspective, my perception of the world, and my attitude influence my wellbeing and happiness?”

This letter in no way is meant to diminish the real tragedy and suffering that people experienced in the last year, just a reminder that how you choose to spend your mental energy and time really matters. A final quote on this topic from Randy Pausch, Author of the book The Last Lecture: “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”

Again, Happy 4th of July!!! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!

Let’s go be great!