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Personalization Practice

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.”

– Audrey Hepburn 

 As I was reviewing the pipeline with the sales team this week and it was exciting to see that we have 6 large personalization projects in the queue with existing clients. A core value proposition of Tahzoo is that we help our clients deliver a relevant and personalized experience. The notion of personalized experiences will become the dominant paradigm in marketing over the next few years. As we move from a mass-market model where the experience appeals to the broadest audience, usually by targeting the lowest common denominator from one to a few models, in which the experience is substantively different based on the needs of an audience, our clients will need to change the way they do business. 
Dominique LeBlond is launching the personalization practice in response to this demand. This is a natural extension of the Next Best Offer program that some of you may have seen presented over the last few months. We have many examples of how we have helped clients with these challenges over the years but we need to canonize and drive some rigor into our approach. We’ve found that most personalization projects have several work streams that need to be addressed concurrently. A typical project includes most of the following capabilities; Management consulting, Marketing Strategy, Data Science, Experience Design, and of course Technology implementation to name a few. As we expand this capacity globally we need to make sure we have a common language, work breakdown structure, and deliverables. As part of the Next Best Offer program John Kottcamp is building out the marketing materials, case studies for sales enablement. 
I asked Dom to check with the Forrester analysts to understand which company is the best in the world at large scale personalization.

If they don’t pick Tahzoo then we’ll work hard to make sure that we become the best in the world.