Desk of Brad


What is CX?

“Don’t let the fear of losing overtake the joy of winning.”

– Urban Meyer 

I’ve been preparing for a speech that I am looking forward to giving at the Marquette University Digital Summit next week. I am working closely with John Kottcamp and Andy Myers to crystalize Tahzoo’s position on what we’re are calling the Experience Economy. 
Our thesis is that Experiences will be the currency of the modern age. We are making a pivot from the age of consumerism to the age of the experience. This idea is that the focus on consumption and accumulation of things is giving way to experiences. People are spending their money and time on experiences and then sharing them through their social networks. The proliferation of devices with cameras and social networks have profoundly reduced the cost of sharing our experiences. Imagine that 100 years ago, you’d have to write a biography and hope that someone read it. Now, almost for free and instantaneously, everyone can participate in the narrative of your life. This is the new way to achieve status among your peers The New Currency. 
As a consequence, companies need to focus as much or more on the experience they provide then they do on their products. Tahzoo is well-positioned to support our clients as they embark on this transformation. I will outline our principals for experience design in my presentation. I look forward to sharing the full speech with you in next week’s desk of Brad. In the meantime, follow me on twitter @brad_heidemann and the event @mudigitalsummit during the summit for updates.