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Q4 Wrap-Ups and MarketerCX

Hi Everyone, 

It’s the end of another busy week at Tahzoo! We’re continuing to see momentum from our customers and prospects as Q4 wraps up, and it seems that many organizations are beginning to become ‘unstuck’ as they forge ahead into 2021. Perhaps it’s the hope for new vaccines becoming available, the clarity on the election, or the annual resourcing and budget planning process. In any event, it’s creating a burst of energy on the business development side of the house, which is fantastic as we close out what has otherwise been a challenging year. It is refreshing to have so many new opportunities and clients to look forward to!  

Today, our team pitched Tahzoo’s new software product, MarketerCX (, to a new prospective client. For those who may not be familiar, MarketerCX is a simple UI that consolidates all of the MarTech systems a marketer needs in their daily work, but without the complexity or time-consuming hassle of switching back and forth between disparate systems.  

A little background on the inception of MarketerCX, there are essentially two options for today’s modern marketer, to either engage with independent best-of-breed marketing platforms or consolidated suites. But we’ve found a few consistent problems with both of these approaches: 

  • Marketers are overtaxed – limitations on time, capabilities, budgets, and resources. 
  • Capability gaps – many systems were purchased and implemented at separate times and with individual needs in mind. Thus, many times the systems don’t talk to each other effectively without time-consuming human intervention.  
  • Inconsistent User Experiences – the average enterprise uses 120 different systems. Marketers cannot easily switch between campaigns because other channels use different software systems.

In addition to inconsistent UX and UI across MarTech systems, most systems rely on unique metrics that inhibit universal efficacy. Not only are the experiences varying, but they tend to be overly complicated and therefore ineffective, not to mention expensive.  

MarketerCX’s UI offers a simplified view of all of the following systems: 

  • Marketing Resource Management  
  • Campaign Management  
  • Customer Data Platform  
  • Content Management System  
  • Digital Asset Management  
  • Personalization/Decision Engine 
  • Web Analytics  
  • BI / AI  
  • Web Publishing  
  • Email, Social  
  • Direct Mail  
  • Print  

Imagine just one UI where you can take care of all of these activities with one comprehensive view… it’s a game-changer for Fortune 500 marketers. If you’re interested in seeing the full pitch deck, send a note to Christine Linn, and she will be happy to share it with you. Great job to Darrell, John, Bryan, Don, Christine, Dave, and everyone involved in making this pitch possible.  

We’re excited about the next steps and the future of MarketerCX. I feel this new solution will help marketers take inventory of how to make the most of their interactions with various technologies. We have less than a month left in 2020, now is the time to finish strong and set ourselves up for a fantastic 2021. 

Let’s go be great,