Desk of Brad


Tahzoo Fundamentals

Hi Everyone,

The fundamentals of our business can be simply boiled down to a few things: great customer service, high quality work product, and a passion for improving our clients’ business. It’s easy to overcomplicate your work or how a business runs. I spend a lot of time trying to simplify things – today’s DOB is just that, encouragement for all of us to focus on the basics. 

Great customer service is so easy and so often unattained. It starts with being Smart and Happy; if you have a good, cheerful and positive demeanor, you’re giving your clients energy. Nobody wants to work with (much less pay for), a grumpy consultant. The second point to great customer service is just being responsive and following through on your commitments in a timely fashion. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep and for the good of our company, if you’re going to miss a deadline, please overcommunicate and do it early. Our brand promotes how, “You’ll enjoy working with us, we’ll enjoy working with you, and together we will do great things.” This is our promise. 

My brother Paul always said to his kids, “It’s nice to be nice.” I’ve used the same with my kids and I’d say the same thing to each of you, it’s nice to be nice! Go be nice to your clients, go be nice to one another. I’ll talk next week about improving the quality of our work, in the meantime put a smile in your voice and go call your clients. 

Let’s go be great!