Desk of Brad


Quality Work

Hi Everyone,

I’ve never faulted someone who gave their best effort. That’s not to say that I believe in participation trophies either. We are a premium firm and as such, our clients expect premium results and a premium work product. The quality of our work is what distinguishes us from the big consulting firms. Great service and a great product will allow us to thrive and prosper in a time when clients need to deliver on digital transformation. 

Our differentiator that we’ve learned over the years is – every client is different. They have different cultures, different business problems, and are seeking different solutions. The reason we win business over our competitors is we provide bespoke and custom solutions for our clients. We are not a one-size-fits-all shop; we believe that relevant and personalized experiences are the key. The aftermath of COVID is increasing demand for more efficient and relevant digital experiences… another way to think about this is that our clients need agility in their systems and processes to quickly respond to market changes. 

Our engagements always start with a piece of software, we paint a vision that is well beyond the immediate impact of the implementation, and then seek to transform their business. This model is about helping our clients extract value from their technology investments. 

The quality of our work isn’t just about perfect deliverables with no spelling errors or bug-free code – that is the bare minimum for a premium firm. Quality is about how well our team collaborates and communicates with our client. We often divide the client work into sub-tracks and smaller teams, which make interteam and cross-team communication even more important. Every member of an account team should be able to explain the value of the work being provided to the client. That does not mean you need to be able to describe how we write code if you’re a digital strategist, but you should be able to explain the benefits of the work to our clients.

I’ve been talking with the Leadership Team about how the status quo for engaging our clients’ needs must change. We need to update our patterns and practices; after 11 years we do many things well, but we also have opportunities for improvement. I’d like to see the Account Teams spending more time discussing and presenting the work to one another a week ahead of time. A robust process of peer review and collaboration around how as an Account Team we can make our client successful should be a weekly habit. We win together or lose together; every facet of an Account Team needs to be communicating and striving to create success. Consulting is about communication, good ideas, and collaboration. If our teamwork is strong, I am confident that with all the talent we have a Tahzoo, our clients will be successful. 

Let’s go be great!