Desk of Brad


The Marketplace of Ideas

It takes all kinds of people. 
One of the things I enjoy most about Tahzoo is the diversity in thinking and talent within the company. We are truly a team of SMART and HAPPY people. Over the last few weeks, as we’ve onboarded new clients and projects, I’ve seen the best of our company has to offer. One of our most important company values is that we believe in the Marketplace of ideas.  
This means that each of us has an obligation, an imperative to listen to one another and absorb the great thinking that surrounds each of us. I am often asked what is the most challenging part of running Tahzoo? It’s creating space for all of the bright but very different minds within our company. We have engineers, creatives, strategists, mathematicians, writers, and analysts, imagine all the different perspectives that are brought to bear on our client’s problems?  
This also means that sometimes, well-intentioned, well-meaning teammates can have an entire point of view on how to solve a problem or approach a client solution. The point isn’t that the marketplace of ideas is supposed to sponsor conflict, quite the opposite the marketplace of ideas is that we hear one another with an open mind and work towards the best solution for the client. The only right solution is one in which the client’s business goals are achieved, not that your idea is adopted or that you’re proven right.  
It takes an entire team of skilled professionals to deliver solutions for our clients. Next time you find yourself advocating a position, take a moment to ask yourself if you’ve considered your teammates’ perspective, or rather spent your time trying to win an argument. We are all motivated talented people with a passion for our craft and our customers, let’s create space to hear one another and let the best idea be the boss.   
Let’s go be great!