Desk of Brad


Company Culture

Hi Everyone,

Over the next couple of months, we are going to need to hire a lot of people into Tahzoo. A few things to remember when you’re recommending someone to Tahzoo or when you’re part of the interview loop for a prospective candidate.

  • How good are their questions?
  • Are they curious? Do they have a variety of interests?
  • Do they have a smile in their voice?
  • Do they give you energy or leave you blah?
  • Have they read the company values and do they agree?
  • If you were starting your own business, would you put them on your team?
  • Would you be comfortable with them leading a meeting with your client?
  • Can they tell you when and how they learned the value of hard work?
  • Are they detail-oriented?

You’ll notice that none of these questions are related to someone’s expertise. We can teach people how to be good consultants, better engineers, and designers, but we can’t teach character and work ethic. And you certainly can’t teach someone to be good-natured.

As a reminder, the first act in creating Tahzoo was defining our core values. I did this before we even had a name for the company, employees, or clients. As a reminder, our core values are:

  • If you care about your clients and you care about your employees, you’ll have a company worth caring about. 
  • We hire for character before we hire for capability. 
  • We seek out interesting people who are interested in change. 
  • We believe in the marketplace of ideas. 
  • We want to surround ourselves with Smart and Happy people.

Over the next six months, please be vigilant and protect our culture. Let’s find some people that will inspire us.

Let’s go be great!