Desk of Brad


The New Tahzoo Worldwide

If we take good care of our clients, then we have the opportunity to continue to work for them and grow our business. As we grow, we have more profits to invest in our business and our people. A healthy, thriving business provides opportunities for all of us. 

With this in mind we’ve worked for the past couple of months on a new organizational structure to support how we service our clients. We are internally organized around four business units: Digital Transformation, Project Work, Outsourced Marketing Operations, and Staffing Support. We also have geographic considerations, the US, UK, and EU, as well as practice areas or Centers Of Excellence (COE). There is no perfect organizational structure to meet every possible dimension, however; I believe this structure coupled with commitment and hard work positions us to meet the needs of our clients and advance the innovation goals of Tahzoo Worldwide. 

For the Digital Transformation and Project Businesses, we have largely divided the delivery teams into three groups: Strategic Delivery, Experience Design, and Technology Services. Strategic Delivery will include the delivery lead, solution definition, and project and program management function. The Experience Design teams include all of the strategic services to support digital transformation, project delivery, and innovation across Tahzoo. Within Technology Services we will be extending the Center of Excellence concept throughout our offerings. The goal of the COE is to ensure that we have standard patterns and practices, training, and career paths for all of our major technology capabilities.  

The principal challenge of Tahzoo WW is to scale and manage our business units on a global basis. Rather than organize our capabilities by geography we have opted for a global approach with the expectation that the leaders of our business will ensure that we continue to grow and deliver as a single organization. For our clients they should experience one Tahzoo, a company with a full range of CX capabilities and offerings dedicated to their success. 

I appreciate the commitment and energy required of everyone to make this transition within the company… Thank you. 

Let’s go be great,