Desk of Brad

The 6 Thematic or Topical Areas

It was a great week here in Washington D.C. We just completed the planning meetings for launching the new Tahzoo Worldwide organization. Much of the meeting was focused on driving integration across the company and defining success metrics for the remainder of the year.  

During the meeting, we organized the work that needs to be accomplished thematically and then put together a 100 day plan with action items for each category. By no means did we work through all the issues or solve all the problems, however; we did a great job of identifying major areas of concern and putting together a plan that ensure they are resolved. 

After consideration and review, the projects broke up nicely into 6 thematic or topical areas:  

  • Caring for your Employees 
  • Caring for your Customers  
  • Telling the Tahzoo Story 
  • Integrating the new Tahzoo  
  • Executing our Financial Plan 
  • Envisioning the Future 

I was really excited to see the team come together around a common perspective and set of initiatives. It’s critical to me that the leaders in the business agree on what we need to accomplish over the next several months to ensure we build a solid foundation for Tahzoo. Over the next few weeks I’ll provide a more detail about each of the thematic areas and our initiatives, including a timeline for items that have broader organizational impact. 

Let’s go be great!