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Week of Highlights

Team Tahzoo, 

Another great week as I spent it with many of you in San Francisco at the SDL Innovate event. There I delivered another keynote on delivering contextually relevant CX, which was very well received. We had wonderful conversations with Mattel, Pentair, Molina Health, and many others. Dave Sterenberg and Chad Van Lier were able to connect with the SDL Regional VPs of Sales to discuss when to bring Tahzoo to the table and really start to build those relationships. They also received some air cover at the Partner Lunch.  Josh Einhorn and Brandon Bernard delivered an amazing session during the Develop Day on Monday which yielded tremendous discussion during, as well as attendees seeking them out afterward to learn more. Great job guys! John Kottcamp spoke to a full house at the Executive VIP lunch on Tuesday as well as in a few of the track sessions.

In other great news, we will be issuing our Press Release of HintTech joining Tahzoo on Monday, May 18 morning at 8a EST. Look for that release and would love your help pushing it out on social next week. 

If you recall, last Friday I asked you to use the Voice of the Culture weekly survey this week to note anyone that you feel is demonstrating excellent leadership. These two bubble to the top and I wanted to share: 

Travis Kuhn as someone who stands out on a daily basis as a leader. While I don’t work directly under him, I observe the way he encourages and motivates his BA team every day and I can see what a positive force he is with them. He sets a bar very high in terms of hard work and here in Richmond, people definitely notice and work hard to keep the same pace. 

Jason Kaufmann has been absolutely instrumental in ensuring things are completed correctly and providing great leadership and mentorship. 

Travis and Jason, well done gentlemen! It is clear that you both are demonstrating excellent leadership, not only to your immediate teams but to everyone around you. Keep up the superlative work! 

In community news, we have been contacted by the DC Fire and EMS to use our office to recreate a JFK-like photo during the funeral procession of a fallen firefighter today. Lt. Kevin McRae died while responding to a fire right here in our neighborhood. Here is more information on the funeral and the firefighter.  Lane Edwards kindly volunteered to be the model that will be looking out of the second-floor window onto the procession itself for the photo opportunity they want to recreate. Obviously, we were happy to lend our office space, and our talent, for the DC Fire and EMS to do this.  It always feels good to help our local community.