Desk of Brad

First Steps

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a great week! The company feels like a busy restaurant these days. There is a buzz that I haven’t felt since before COVID. We are making real strides on the business development and marketing side of the house. Today, in fact, we are having a meeting to discuss my philosophy around SOW creation and how we can make some necessary improvements. It’s nice that this is an area of focus. Moreover, Jamie and Kurt are practicing pitching Tahzoo to me. With Jamie, I will be roleplaying as an executive at a large chain of hardware stores looking to purchase Contentstack, and with Kurt, I’ll be the CMO at a large financial services firm. As the adage goes, practice makes perfect.

I met with Piti and Dara this week about building out our software business. We have identified three products that will comprise our initial offering. There is a lot to do, and it will be a journey as we build out the product roadmap and our plan to get to market. We are making real progress in turning a vision into a reality. Every journey starts with the first step, so off we go…

John Kottcamp and I have been working on a new presentation that we are excited to share with the company, detailing my vision for the strategy consulting side of the business. Incorporating Pool Party and the power of the semantic web into our solutions will open a new world of possibilities for personalizing and contextualizing content. I am so excited about leveraging this technology to differentiate Tahzoo that I can barely contain my enthusiasm! We are on the cusp of a massive revolution, and we are going to lead the way.

Let’s go be great!