Desk of Brad


Customer Centricity

Hi Everyone,

When I think about Customer Experience, I think about the human impact. Not the technology or the strategy, but the sense of well-being or pleasure I get when things just go right. The whole purpose of personalization is not to inundate people with experiences. Rather, it’s that we delight customers because things just work or exactly hit the mark. The other day, I was casually looking on Amazon for some kitchen knives… and the next thing you know, I’m being retargeted through email for all manner of knives. Just more clutter in my inbox. But as long as I ignore the email for a couple of months, the targeting will go away. That’s not good customer service, however. It’s just spam.  

My challenge to all of you is to start considering how we bring great ideas to our customers that help them speak to their customers in a style and language that feels personal. Can we make things work better? And more conveniently? Let the ideas flow. Put yourself in our client’s customers’ shoes and ask yourself how we can make it a better, more seamless experience. And if you want to brainstorm with me, let me know! I love nothing more than sitting down with people and talking through ideas.
We know our clients and we know their businesses, so let’s put all of the talent and brainpower we have in Tahzoo to truly impact the quality of the customer experience.  

Let’s go be great!