Desk of Brad


Looking Forward

Hi Everyone,

I want to share with you a DOB from early 2015 with a few additions. Our vision still rings true today as we continue to forge ahead as leaders in our industry. 

Where is the WOW? Many times our clients approach us because they realize something is missing in their digital presence, it’s often described as that “WOW factor” … But how do we take that vague term and personal preference and make the result tangible and attainable in real life? The key to providing a differentiated customer experience is by relying heavily on UX to provide the research, exploration, design, validation and then monitoring of the go-live product.

There is an excellent book call The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman. The book does a great job of explaining the relationship between design and how people expect things to work. If you’d like a copy, please of course reach out to Harrison. The web has been a challenging medium for design because the interaction models, content types, and devices are seemingly unlimited. This is compounded all the more by our desire to deliver personalized experiences. While initially we’ve been focused on content as the key differentiator, the natural evolution of our work will be in creating personally designed experiences.

One of the goals of the experience design practice is to grow our business outside the scope of technology implementations. As we assist our clients with digital transformation, we ought to be able to improve the overall brand experience just by improving the design. Knowing that technology implementations take a long time, a quick win for our clients is improving the experiences utilizing existing infrastructure as we build toward an enterprise marketing platform. It is my hope that the Experience Design practice provides significant innovation as we build our capabilities around digital transformation. We want to cultivate that leading edge experience within Tahzoo so we can share the process and outcome with our clients. 

Let’s go be great!