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Measuring Our Employees and Our Clients

This week I am going to focus on the measurement of the two most important areas of our business: our employees and our clients. As we start the final quarter of 2015, it’s important to take a look back at both our successes and areas of improvement so that we can end the year feeling accomplished and prepared to take on 2016 and achieve all of our goals.  

You may recall, in June you were asked you to participate in the Internal Thermometer Employee Survey. We now present to you the results of this survey. In highlights, this is the feedback you are giving us: 

  • The Tahzoo Worldwide Leadership Team should focus on communicating the organizational purpose through changing times. 
  • Tahzoo Worldwide needs streamlined goals and betterfit assignments. 
  • Tahzoo Worldwide generally does well in client systems but needs better communication with former Hinttech employees. 
  • Tahzoo Worldwide needs to clearly link exceptional client service to promotions and incentives. 
  • Tahzoo Worldwide can do a better job of sharing client satisfaction data across the business. 

So, what have been our follow up actions?  

1. We realize that clear communication about the direction of the company is very important to you. That is where this email plays an important role.  As you may have noticed I have been trying to pay much more attention to explaining the course of the company, the core values, the way we will organize ourselves, and so on. In addition, we have organized Town Hall Meetings dedicated to communicating the strategy and our new global organization. Others around the company will be stepping in to play a much larger role in communicating with the company and sharing their perspectives and hands-on strategies for their teams. Remember this is our company, let’s collaborate and work together as a global force to take on our client’s needs.  

2. We have started several workstreams in which we are implementing the Tahzoo WorldWide Integration Plan. Two of them, the People Workstream and the Culture Workstream are populated with employees from all countries. This will help us keep in touch with what is really important to you. Additionally, Tali Barak Keren has been working on a “History of Tahzoo” and “History of HintTech” project for me to capture the legacies, communication styles, timelines, and even some of the struggles that both companies have faced over the past few years. We are working to make everyone aware of the differences amongst HintTech and Tahzoo, but also some of the patterns and similarities between the two organizations and how we will be able to better relate to each other.   

3. A third and most important area to pay attention to is the Employee Experience. It’s important for you to know: I see the great efforts you have been making, to ‘hang in there’ and contribute strongly during such a time of change. Thank you. It seems some of you have felt the frequent changes as ‘stops-and-starts’ that have made personal progress feel more difficult. I am committed to getting our business structure and organization working in sync on both projects and internally as it is the lifeblood of the company. I care deeply about our employee’s experiences and how they feel about Tahzoo as an employer.   

While this is all taking place, we want to make sure that you experience the results of these actions. We will, therefore, keep the finger on the pulse and perform a new survey in late October. 

As many of you know we conducted a survey of 17 Tahzoo customers to see how we can improve our customer experience. While our customers all stated that they were satisfied only one-third of clients were ‘very satisfied’ with their experience of Tahzoo; we have some work to do. 

  • Challenges to satisfaction are change in personnel and general delivery issues particularly the perception that working with us can be difficult at times and that we don’t necessarily deliver on the vision that was sold. 
  • The main drivers of satisfaction are the personal relationships that prove we care for our customers – that while it may not always be smooth, we will always “make it right” as well as our innovative/visionary approach to solving their problems 
  • There a number of steps we can take to address these issues, from providing one clear point of contact to improving how we handle changes in personnel. Many of these we have already begun to address, we will continue to improve our customer’s experience with Tahzoo 

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to give us your feedback through other channels too. We are creating a new company and for that we need all your help!  

Let’s go be great!