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Spring Cleaning Exercise

Hi Everyone,

As the saying goes; March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Spring is finally here!!! So, while I am soaking up the sunshine, feeling like there is some hope that the Covid vaccine will be widely available soon, and seeing the opportunity for Tahzoo, I am reminded it’s time for some Spring Cleaning.
At Tahzoo, this is a good time for you to look at what’s working and not working. What is costing you time? Where could you have better practices for communication and collaboration? Is there something in your work process that could be improved? Jot down three things you’d like to improve. If you don’t write it down, then it’s a wish and not a goal.
I thought I’d share with you some of the things that I am doing for Spring Cleaning. I’ve finally decided to get all my folders organized so I can better find information. I’ve been wasting so much time trying to find things. I really appreciated Heather’s presentation today about where to find branded content. I was classically trained at one of the first companies I worked for to use email as my principal document repository. Turns out that my late ‘90s solution isn’t cutting it any more 🙂
I have been examining my time allocations. I think of time like money, which means I need a budget for my time. I make investments of my time with an expected result. Gabi and I are working on my time budget – ensuring that rather than spread my time evenly across every day, to find large chunks of time that can be dedicated to the priorities of the company. No more peanut butter time management.
These are just a couple of things that I’m working on as part of my Spring Cleaning exercise. Think about this over the weekend and write down three things you’d like to do. If you write it down, it’s a goal – if it’s a goal, you can make it happen. Enjoy Spring and be refreshed, use that extra energy to make some modest improvements in your work and personal life.

Let’s go be great!